Company Mission Statement

Today – Our Mission Statement

  • At Fair Oaks Farms, we complete breakfast! We complete breakfast by producing great tasting, high quality and high protein cooked breakfast meats.
  • Our products are sought nationally and internationally by some of the best food service, retail and restaurant companies in the world.
  • Our capabilities continue to expand and will serve all day parts. Our people, service and quality standards give our customers a unique experience and special feeling of trust.
  • We strive to “own excellence” every day.

Tomorrow – Our Vision

  • To become the largest diversity meat protein supplier in the United States.
  • To do business with high quality profitable accounts that enhance our image as a quality manufacturer.
  • We will produce products that are in large demand by the general public and we will not be limited to breakfast or red meat.
  • We will grow our international business and grow with existing key customers.
  • We will productively look for, research and meet the needs of tomorrow’s customers.

Together – Our Culture

  • To treat everyone in our company with dignity and respect.
  • Honesty and integrity rule each day.
  • We build trust with our customers and trust with each other.
  • We get things done by talking, listening to each other and having open dialog.
  • We expect personal performance to meet or exceed our company goals, objectives, and standards.
  • We love our customers.
  • Work hard and have fun.
  • We don’t allow ourselves to be mistreated or taken advantage of.
  • We are professionals and hire professionals with a personal touch.
  • Believe we can win everyday!
  • Embrace change and work as a team.
  • Disagreements and different opinions are accepted and expected.
  • The company gives back to the community.
  • We are focused on developing in-house talent.
  • Our employees and our customers are the two most important persons in our business life.