Food Safety

All of our products are put through a rigorous schedule of internal and external audits. We know when it comes to food safety, there's no room for mistakes.

All of our products are put through a rigorous schedule of internal and external audits. We know when it comes to food safety, there’s no room for mistakes.

We embrace food safety through all levels of the organization at Fair Oaks. Our plant is USDA inspected daily. We have HACCP plans in place for every product we produce.

Built-In Quality

Our customers trust us with their most precious asset: their good name. And we take that trust very seriously. We have dozens of procedures designed to make sure every product we make, every shift, every day, looks, tastes and performs exactly like it’s supposed to.

Stringent Policies

We set standards that often meet and exceed customer and regulatory requirements. And we continuously measure ourselves and our suppliers against those standards. We routinely conduct HACCP, Food Safety, GMP, Animal Welfare and Specific Risk Material handling audits, and stay current with new and innovative quality procedures and technologies.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Training

Our employees know that quality and safety come first at Fair Oaks Farms. Employees receive documented GMP training as part of their orientation and annually thereafter. We focus on quality and food safety every shift, every day. At Fair Oaks Farms, it’s never “the other guy’s” job; each employee is individually responsible for ensuring all standards are met.

Relentless Tracking

We don’t just put tough standards in place, we check and cross-check how we’re doing against those standards.

  • Sanitation Micro and Environmental Surveillance Results
  • HACCP Deviation Trending
  • Process Control Measures
  • OSI, Independent Third Party, Customer Audit Scores
  • Regular Product Consistency Reports

Ongoing Sensory Evaluation

Quality, taste and consistency are just as important as food safety. So we do whatever it takes to make sure that the products we make look, taste and perform exactly the way our customers want them to. We evaluate every product, every shift. We hold weekly sensory evaluation sessions with plant management. And four times a year we do a centralized complete audit.

Keeping You One Step Ahead

  • We keep up with new laboratory methods and processing techniques
  • We assist with new product specifications, quality parameters, product prep instructions and process cook validations
  • We put safety first when designing processes and specifying equipment