Provide a safe and diverse work environment for our employees and make a positive contribution to the communities we serve.

  • Code of Conduct for Business
  • Strong Health and Safety Regulations
  • Provide Diversity
  • Give back to the community


Our Supply Chain Responsibility

Ensure standards of excellence for our supply chain and drive innovation in Sustainability that will protect and enhance our valued customer’s brands.

  • Supply Chain Diversity: Fair Oaks Farms’ goal is to invest in diversity businesses like our customers invest in us. We understand we must be competitive and meet our customer’s needs throughout the supply chain. We expect the same from our suppliers. Our goal is to increase diversity spent with our suppliers by 10% each year.

  • Animal Welfare: We maintain that our plants follow the industry standards and governmental regulations to the highest of expectations. We also follow respective animal welfare regulations.

  • Transportation Miles Reduction: We realize part of going green is reducing the amount of freight our raw materials and finish products utilize.

  • Natural Resources: Sustainability is a journey. Fair Oaks Farms is beginning to monitor and reward business partially based on vendors commitment to sustainability.



Our team complies with and exceeds all applicable environmental standards while providing initiatives that reduce the overall environmental impact from our operations.
Water Savings: We have saved enough water from January 2016 to June 2016 to fill the Shedd Aquarium twice!
Electrical Savings: We have saved enough electricity from January 2016 to June 2016 to power our employees’ homes for a year!
Excess waste: Our goal is zero waste to landfills.